George Bettinger

             Actor, Producer, Writer, Director

Listed below are some of George Bettinger's specialities

Acting Lessons
George offer's voice over and on camera acting lessons. You will learn the A to Z's of how to get into commercials and voice overs.
Bettinger comes to you with 25 years of experience in this industry.
Stand-up comedy: Jokes of all types, imitations -  interspersed with some great story telling.

Interview: seated at a desk George shows super stage presence as he interviews guests.

Voice-over: movie and commercial voice-overs with many dialects.

Corporate parties and events: Fill George in about the "important" employees  and happenings at your firm and he will customize the humor to keep the audience in stitches.

Roasts: Line-up the participants and the "roastee" and let George take it from there!

To contact George Bettinger
email him at

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